Jared Moore

Jared Moore

Baton Rouge, LA, US


Synaptic Flux

Synaptic Flux is a proposal for the Re-Ligare Institute that involves reconnecting to the art of “being.” The project focuses on the basic senses and strives to create unique spaces to invoke specific emotions through these senses. The design of the project places different programs into three distinct yet connected categories, mind, body, and soul. The main purpose for the Re-Ligare Institute is to reconnect people with their authentic selves. With a society and culture that is constantly staying busy and heavily practicing the art of consuming the need for a reconnection to our basic principles of “being” has never been greater.

Our concept for reconnecting people with their natural self’s is accomplished with numourous garden spaces woven with program. The project also features many waterfalls that flow from various levels. The main concept for the waterfall is to create a natural sound throughout the interior. The natural sound of the waterfalls mixed with the garden spaces allow occupants to feel a total disconnect from the busy and consuming life of the city.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US