Jared Moore

Jared Moore

Baton Rouge, LA, US



The basic concept is designing a pavilion that truly blends into its surroundings. The botanical garden is a place where people want to see all the beauty nature has to offer. So why design a pavilion to take away from this? I feel that sometimes architecture can be almost selfish, demanding a strong presence in its environment. A pavilion in a garden should be designed to preserve and almost promote its surrounding environment, more of a selfless architecture. My proposal takes a camouflage like approach. This is done by using different size circles to make an image of the forest directly behind each façade. A green roof is also used on top to camouflage the building from the air.

When the pavilion is closed all of the exterior panels form an image of the surrounding forest. Light can be projected through the different sized glass holes on the panels, which would clearly show each facades different image of the forest. The design is silk screen printed onto a highly reflective glass panel. This highly reflective glass was used so that the glass would act like a mirror to the surroundings, and the building would now be now reflecting the forest. It also makes it more dynamic, so that the reflections change as you approach the building. The holes are min 2” in dia. and max 6” so it’s not an over powering mirroring effect.

When the pavilion is open all of the exterior wall panels slide on the track system to their storage location. Because the glass panels are only 13’-9”x 10’-0” they are light weight for a quick transformation of the space. It also allows for the employees to have the freedom to open any side they want. They could choose to only open the front, or just the sides, or any combo. The floor plan is very basic. I wanted to provide the maximum amount of floor space for them to use for selling their products. The program called for 1 ADA bathroom, and a P.O.S. location, so that’s all that is there, which allows for a mass customization of the space however they best see fit. Also when the pavilion is open the occupants can have full 360 degree view of the environment.

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Status: School Project
Location: Clemson, SC