JK Lab Architects

JK Lab Architects

Odessa, UA


Restaurant [ Eastman]

Janna Kiseleva, Kateryna Orlova, Victoriya Lavrova, Georgiy Knyazyan

 Interior design  :  Dima Zhaporozhetc [First Line Group] , Janna Kiseleva [JK Lab ]

Eastman Restaurant is located in the center of Kyiv, on the ground floor of a residential building.

This is the largest and newest of the restaurant family of the famous First Line Group. The area of the restaurant is over 1000 sq.m.

The interior of the restaurant is a combination of religious images, pop culture characters and classics elements of decor, which can be called the corporate style of First Line and its spiritual leader Dima Zaporozhets .

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Status: Built
Location: Kiev, UA
Firm Role: Interior design