Jing Huang

Jing Huang

Boston, MA, US


Celebrate the Historical Culture with Ecological Functions

The vital role that urban parks play is providing space for habiting of species, meeting diversity needs for new life styles, both personal and cultural. The social and cultural values of parks include attitudes towards nature and the desire for contact with it. Contemporary understanding of ecology give new insights into ways to meet both human needs and the broader ecological framework of urban park system need. In the 21st century, we are facing much more opportunities and problems. On the one hand, some former vibrant cities are experiencing population falling due to the brownfield left by industrial development and manufacturing employment declined. On the other hand, contemporary information technology and public concern provided the potential opportunities for park design, and a more flexible approach to park definition and usage is proposed—recycling the land with sustainable design to meet the need for new life styles and also nature requirement for its healthy growth. The West End of Chicopee was once  thriving with manufacturing industries and provided a commercial center that served theregional market . Due to the declined industry, the separation after the  Interstate 391 construction, and the commercial competition through the  shopping mall in Holyoke the West End in Chicopee has to reinvent itself. Opportunities lie in the neglected or abandoned properties, including the former Hampden Steam Plant/ Delta Park, Cabotville Mill Complex, and Connecticut Riverfront Property.This plan seeks to reinvigorate the West End by reclaiming and reusing the existing brownfields at the confluence of the Chicopee and the Connecticut River, reorganizing circulation, redeveloping a green canal and re-branding the area for cultural history[Please revise the abstract again. It is much much better. Also edit the English. I mad esom e suggestions  but it is not complete.].

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicopee, MA, US
My Role: Individual Project
Additional Credits: My instructor Frank Sleegers, Robert Ryan