Jimmy Huynh

Jimmy Huynh

Brisbane, AU

Pruitt-Igoe Competition Entry
Pruitt-Igoe Competition Entry

Pruitt-Igoe Competition Entry 2011

To revive the site of Pruitt-Igoe and liberate it from a tremulous history punctuated by the trauma of urban renewal, this process driven scheme aims to create a new lifestyle based on community, social integration and sustainability. The scheme will end the remnants of racial segregation and reunite the historical cultural landscape of St Louis by employing three key initiatives.

Vertical farm:
The farm represents the frontier of a sustainable future and the origin of the process. It will provide jobs, food for the community and become an iconic addition to the urban fabric of St Louis.

Market Square:
The market is the social hub and the culmination of the sustainable process. It will act as a point of sale for on-site produce and a central zone intended to engage the community and cultivate social integration.

Model homes provide the opportunity for residents to populate the heart of the scheme and become fully immersed within the lifestyle experience. The homes are purposefully designed as ‘incomplete’
spaces to allow residents to finish them based on their own needs and responsibility.

Each initiative is a fluid and interchangeable element that can be reproduced within the wider community to meet specific demands as they arise. Like the keystone in the Gateway Arch, this
intervention will be the essential piece to reconnect the surrounding urban environment and uphold the community.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: St Louis
My Role: Team Member
Additional Credits: Anders Strom and Scott Lang