Serena Franklin

Serena Franklin

Beijing, CN


Oaxaca Studio

Project Intention:
3 week product development program during summer in Oaxaca. Aimed to help local craftsmen
use their skills to create products highly marketable to the tourist consumer crowd. Value of the product is increased along with profit for the craftsman’s lifestyle.

A group of 12 from san francisco. Split into working with a local craftsman. My craftsman worked with sugar cane sticks. One week was spent learning the process about his craft. Next step was merging his technique with our process to create products that appeal to a higher end sale rate for an audience--especially tourists. Sketches, models, and keeping in mind the craftsman’s passion for music.

Molds immitating music notes and forms were made. These flowing forms used weaving which was less intricate than the original lamp. It takes close to the same amount of time, but can be sold for 3 times the price.

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Status: School Project
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico
My Role: 1 of 2 designers in team