Serena Franklin

Serena Franklin

Beijing, CN


Compact Living

Project Intention:

To design a very compact space or modular unit, in response to urban living requirements for very small living spaces


I started out asking the question, “what would make it worth one’s choice living in a small space.” I focused on the essentials of eating and hygiene. “Ordinary” activities experienced
in a new package can be so powerful as to move us into excitement and motivation throughout the day. Cooking, eating, and hygiene
are what we need to get through the day. What if we look at these essential functions and say, “these are the places where we can reconfigure
the ways we experience them; we can create more options.” I find that the kitchen and bathroom are places where we typically start and end our day. It is our springboard as we enter the day and our base for winding down. These areas should spark fluidity and a cooling excitement, with a sense of play.


Imagination and play digitally transforming the space through media screens protecting each end of the communal area. They transform to be exciting and reconfigurable in the ways you experiences them.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: Studio Project