Jessica Edwardson

Jessica Edwardson

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US



Jessica Edwardson; Junior Designer and lover of knowledge.


I have always had a passion for all things design, from growing up oil painting with my grandmother to hand crafting designs for school. I graduated Spring 2013 from Cal Poly Pomona's Bachelor's of Architecture program and it was simlutaneously the most challenging and most enjoyable thing I have ever done in my life.  I learned so much when it comes to design through the programs I have learned and the places I have gone. Growing up in Southern California has given me a unique insight to specific modern designs and cultures. I was also fortunate enough to spend a summer abroad in Europe to further advance my knowledge of cultures and architecture.


I am currently working at a firm in Ontario, CA, but I would love to expand my knowledge of architectural practice and venture globally. I love getting my hands dirty when it comes to design and building, but I am also a fan of using technology to its advantages and being up to date on the latest softwares. Design is a passion that I have had as a child and I look forward to every day that is more beautiful because of it.


Brian R. Bloom Architect, Ontario, CA , Project Manager

Managing multiple projects and overseeing a few personnel. Organizing work loads and coordinating with clients, contractors and project architects. Marketing to potential clients and jurisdictions. Working with product representatives to keep an up to date catalog on the newest products available and staying on trend.

Feb 2015 - current

Jeffrey Rome & Associates, Irvine, CA, US, Project Manager

Drawing up construction and zoning documents using AutoCAD. Overseeing specific markets that require contact with clients and engineers, prioritizing and managing completion of projects.

Mar 2012 - Jan 2015


Sep 2008 - Jun 2013

Areas of Specialization