Jeremy Ng

Jeremy Ng

Los Angeles, CA, US


Topography of Light and Shadow

        The proposed project is a delaminated surface that is occupied by the information center and an existing recreational park in Glendale, California. The project incorporates distributed programs which allow the user to utilize the whole site.

        In high-density urban areas, we are running out of space to build: cross-programmed and shared-use spaces will be inevitable. Since Carr Park is an ideal place for a community center and social gathering, how might one occupy the existing space without disrupting the
existing program and satisfy both needs?

        In order to keep the function of a park, the landscape will adapt the existing movement and integrate the new function of the library, which will contemplate both programs. This project explores strategies of camouflage, which confound the eyes of the observer. From the simple treatment of the building’s skin, it also explores modes of tectonic articulation that are derived from topography of light and shadow.

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Status: School Project
Location: Glendale, CA, US
My Role: Principal Designer, Modeler, and Detailer