Jeremy Ng

Jeremy Ng

Los Angeles, CA, US



        For the first time in history, the city of Burbank has proposed a high-speed rail station to be built.  Since the high-speed rails will pierce threw the city at extreme speeds, we wanted to somehow express this in the design.  By taking a linear system (rails and platform) and penetrating it threw a dynamic grid-shell system (shading), a different kind of spatial experience was achieved.  Importantly, we wanted to celebrate the shading structure so that it can act as an icon for the city and also to identify with the movement of the trains.  Catenary curves were used to achieve the most optimized structure as well as allowing complex spaces to be formed. 

        The columns serve as light wells which create opening to each floor from outside to inside in order to let natural light into the interior spaces in order to reduce the use of energy.  The design also integrates water channels to divert rain water into the columns where it slides down to the water ponds which serve as bio-swales for the community. The water ponds contain water filtration system where the filtered water can be used for the basic necessity of the train station. The ponds would also create a micro climate that will cool inside spaces of the building. Using no mechanical equipment, the natural breeze will blow cool air from the water ponds to the interior waiting space of the train station providing a comfortable atmosphere for the commuters.

        In order to create a continuous flow of traffic, “Dialectic Flow” integrates a traffic system that separates public transportation from the private transportation. The private cars will drop and pick up commuters from the elevated road which is connected to a floor that is connected to all platforms. The bus and taxis will drop their passengers at the ground floor where the main hall is located. The high speed train station contains multiple dropping zones that allow commuters to be drop of in multiple areas so the streets won’t get clogged up. All traffic system goes in a loop which allows different transportation to have a continuous flow of traffic.

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Status: School Project
Location: Burbank, CA, US
My Role: Principal Designer, Modeler, and Detailer
Additional Credits: Partner with David Isagulyan