Jacob Peters

Jacob Peters

Chicago, IL, US


MBTA Government Center Station Headhouse

Replacement of the existing bunker of a "T" station serving the Blue and Green Lines. An earlier concept was scrapped in favor of a design which allowed us to bring as much natural light into the lower levels as possible, since the green line platforms were directly below the existing plaza, creating a grand stairway leading down to the Blue Line trains below it. Our all glass structure for the lightbox above this stair was eventually value engineered out when the station was constructed 5 years later, but the glass block floor, & partly mesh stair construction was retained. Allowing as much light as possible to filter down to the platform levels even on a cloudy day.

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Status: Built
Location: Boston, MA, US
My Role: Concept Development & Rendering
Additional Credits: Krist Kartlik, Tom Sieniewicz, Lawrence Chan, NBBJ, HDR