Jacob Peters

Jacob Peters

Chicago, IL, US


Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM)

A 22 storey, +3 million sq ft hospital to consolidate in patient expertise for the eastern & predominantly French speaking half of Ile de Montreal. My specific team was updating room layouts to accommodate a huge update in equipment specifications which impacted almost every room in the building. In some cases this involved rebuilding entire suites, relocating electrical and data supplies, and even expanding the MEP supply chases for equipment that required more exhaust air, water supply, or medical gas connections. These changes were being made while the building was already 6 stories into the sky & continued well into when the exterior envelope was completed.

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Status: Built
Location: Montreal, QC, CA
My Role: Equipment Update Manager
Additional Credits: Mark Roeser, Jim Skalla, Christine Cavataio, Mntambo Fisher, Masumeh Geranpayeh, Andrew McGregor, Cannon Design, OWP/P, HH Angus, Neuf Architects, CDV Systems