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Mumbai, IN


apartment 801

In Apartment 801, Mumbai, we were approached by a young couple to create and engaging experience of a play room for a 2-year old child in a Mumbai flat. our brainstorming led to an idea of creating a small tree house within the room with a jungle theme. We prefabricated the MS structural frame of the wooden tree house and suspended it from the ceiling, leaving the floor space free for the toddler. An element of ownership of the child's own space was induced by giving him a special access through a child-sized tunnel from the living room to his room. It became a space where he enjoyed eating food and playing with his parents. Keeping lack of space in consideration in a Mumbai flat, we created a wall of 9 squares with some squares acting as storage, some acting an showcases. The play room was vibrant, dynamic, educational and a child's space for fun.

The TV unit in living area of the house has ripple effect on surface, creating play of light and shadow. In another apartment in Thane, client had collection of Antiques and wanted to incorporate them so we created a light fixture using one of the mask. We created a bamboo light for a bedroom which suits the earthy and rough look of adjoining brick wall. 

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Status: Built
Location: Thane, IN
Firm Role: Project designer