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Apartment 304

Apartment 304 is an ethnic design fitted in modern lines. The evidence of this contrast is reflected again and again in details and the overall look of the house.

The house is a 1200 sq.ft apartment, combining 2 flats with a very spacious living room of 480 sq.ft. The elongated room has been divided into 3 sections – the living area, the dining area and the reading area. The living area is a formal space for receiving visitors, which doubles up as a TV space. The old refurbished sofas in dark wood have been brightened by using furnishings of colourful Indian prints. The two windows in the background are openable to allow for ventilation and ensure that no dead zone is created in the living area. The biggest challenge here was hiding a 12” beam right through the living area, without it being an obvious design decision. The dining area has been located close to the kitchen. The duct has been converted into a wash area with a wooden basin, with Indian print tiles and a 5” mirror. The reading area has an informal atmosphere with a bookshelf unit and space to relax. The colours are bright and vivacious set against an earthy background of the brick wall.

The client had been adamant that the kitchen be bright and colourful without the introduction of any wooden element. The use of cream backpainted glass has helped break the bright lines and ensure that the splash of colour is not overwhelming. The bedrooms are simple and soothing with attention to detailed elements.

The clients are fond of collecting masks. We decided to show case their collections on the mask wall in the master bedroom. We converted a long mask, which would not fit proportionately in the mask wall, into a wall lamp. The temple in the mother’s room has been highlighted with a jail door with bells. A play of light and shade is aimed at with the shadow cast on the wall.

The clients’ personality has been reflected in the design of their home and customized details like the bamboo light, the Warli grill in the safety door, the jail door on the temple, the common basin area and the mask wall light.

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Status: Built
Location: Thane, IN
Firm Role: Project designer