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LOS Symi

Located on the harbor of Symi Island in Greece, LOS (Lobster, Oyster, Sushi) is a high end bistro bar and art gallery. LOS inhabits a historic building on the island, that was once a sponge factory and home of a merchant ,who created the first modern equipment for sponge diving.

The design for LOS references the history of the building and island through subtle references to its history and Greek culture. The facade of the building was restored using the traditional color palette of the island in combination with modern signage and lighting, creating a plush outdoor dining area.

Upon entering the interior, guests are immediately drawn to the custom bar area where an installation of copper pipes and light bulbs mimics the shape of a sponge; creating dynamic movement and paying homage to the building's original owner. The bar itself is also a piece of art, composed of porous concrete in a freeform shape that mimics the texture of a natural sponge.

Bold patterned tile on the floor dictates the color scheme throughout the design , while custom brass tables create dynamic sit/stand areas. A mural of a diving mask finishes off the dining area and copper ductwork throughout ties the whole space together

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Status: Built
Location: Symi Island, Greece
Firm Role: Interior Design
Additional Credits: Brooke Lichtenstein - Principal Designer