Hume Coover Studio

Hume Coover Studio

Brooklyn, NY


Tumbling Dice

Floating over the crowd, the dice tumble open to draw dancers in with their internal glow.  The forms slyly shift as concert-goers drift across the field.  What appears as a static cube melts away through missing corners, colored mist, and a soft interior.  The colors and thin wood slats let the edges of the figures dematerialize further rendering the cube as a dreamy fuzzed out figure.  The shifting colors and lights allow the cluster of dice to be distinctly seen across the site as a clear meeting spot.  As you approach, people disappear inside leaving only their dancing legs on display.  The set of three spaces creates walkways between the dice as people filter through.  The dice lean into each other developing a tension that navigates people between them.  The installation makes use of simple materials including reclaimed wood slats of different sizes to create the fuzzy exterior and platform and recycled polycarbonate tube forms the soft interior.  The platform below denotes a special zone of the party, a heightened dance floor.  When one dances underneath the exterior wood shell, a playful glowing interior reveals itself.  A small pool underneath emits shimmering light into the tubing creating a suspended crystal-lined cushion.  The water feeds up into the tubes and out through small drilled perforations to create a fog of mist around the installation.  The mist provides needed relief from the crowd while also further dissolving the boundaries of the installation. This cluster of dice forms oasis of a private party, beckoning in the night, drawing dancers to its soft blinking heart.

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Status: Competition Entry