Hume Coover Studio

Hume Coover Studio

Brooklyn, NY



Warm night, cars humming past. Squaring off to finish the street’s face, a white mass curls inwards to a low landscape, rich and fuzzy. Filled with mingling bodies, this interior leaves the city for the night’s performance. The curling is a flattened volume unfolding to shift as it gives way to a deep voluptuousness filled with sound, color, lights, and texture; a sensual gesture pulling the street under to meet the garden on the other side. In reaction the garden is to swallow the landscape below structure for soft carpet underfoot. Paddedabove, the performance hall is suspended and peeking through angular structure. With juxtaposition of texture, entrance is enticed by dense tendrils of fur. Bodies caught between soft grass and fur from above; a fuzzy space humming with sound. Sound rumbling from the deep center, a shows approach is the drift and disappearance of visitors. Removed from the city, an increasing dynamic is space and people tilting diagonally through structure to theater. Here, ascending to their seats, catching glimpses between the legs.  As the theater is lit from above, ascension to seating is by silhouette; the visual tracery from structure to interior. And tension is experienced between the heart and where its presence is irrefutable to mass; a temporal ephemerality, pushing, leading the show. The roof is in repose to the hearts influence, giving to intermission and a rooftop café. At garden, above shadowed mass, it blinks nighttime air.  Over drifting parkway and garden, the city framed by angled peaks, yet in perverse relinquishment hints of color stream from the roof to anticipation, or a pulsing interior hall.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Tokyo, JP