Kansas City, MO


21c Museum Hotel

When the founders of 21c Museum Hotels visited the historic Savoy Hotel and Grill more than five years ago, the draw to the building was immediate, and a vision for its revitalization formed quickly. Extensive preservation and transformation of this Kansas City icon brought a renewed purpose to the building as the newest 21c Museum Hotel.

The renovation of the existing Savoy Hotel, built in 1888, commanded a delicate balance between introducing the modern amenities in line with a contemporary hotel, and honoring the story of its historic spaces and elements. In places where new design interventions were integrated, the details were purposely left minimal to allow the historic context to shine, while creating a simple backdrop for the art installations 21c is known for. The material palette in many of the spaces focuses on bespoke details, rich materials and saturated colors. The Hufft team served as Architect of Record for this project, and lead the historic preservation of the original structure and its design elements. 

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Status: Built
Location: Kansas City
Firm Role: Architecture