Howard L. Zimmerman Architects, P.C.

Howard L. Zimmerman Architects, P.C.

New York, NY


The Pavilion

The Pavilion - 500 East 77th Street- NY, NY

The Building envelope consists of brick facade finished in white glazed brick. There are concrete balconies located throughout all the facades. Parapet walls consist of brick masonry topped with pre-cast concrete copings. The balcony curbs and parapet walls are clad with metal. There are steel relieving angles incorporating window lintels. Window sills are made of stones. The original aluminum windows are being replaced with new double-hung aluminum windows. The existing roofs with exception of the Tower roof are covered with lightweight concrete deck and numerous concrete planters.


  1. Replacement of the displaced parapet walls. Replacement of the corner masonry.
  2. Miscellaneous brick replacement at the facades.
  3. Repairs of the concrete balconies.
  4. Replacement or refurbishment of the deteriorated steel window lintels.

Restoration completed in 2007.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US