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Howard L. Zimmerman Architects, P.C.

New York, NY


Chatham Towers

Chatham Towers – 49 White Street- NY, NY

Built in 1964, the towers were New York City's first residential housing built of exposed concrete poured on site. They were also the first to use extruded aluminum windows, which resemble huge Greyhound bus windows, with Venetian blinds installed between double panes. The complex consists of two 25-storey towers with exposed concrete facades and forms reminiscent of Oriental themes. Each tower houses 120 apartments, with the parking spaces for 125 cars located underground. The pagoda-like protrusions in the corners are created by two floors with balconies alternating with two without.


  1. Pressure wash and or chemically clean concrete façade
  2. Concrete Repair Façade – to match color, texture and integrity of existing conditions
  3. Concrete Repair Balconies:
  4. Remove and install new silicone sealant around all window, door and wall vent perimeters.

Restoration completed in 2006.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US