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Dec '10 - Feb '13

  • 003 // Pilcrow Zine, Woodbury University

    Henry Cheung
    Feb 19, '13 2:41 PM EST

    Pilcrow (¶) is an independent publication emanated from Woodbury School of Architecture in 2012. While Pilcrow is not an official school publication, it is a benefactor of Woodbury School of Architecture’s generous support. Pilcrow serves as a platform for activating a larger discussion among architecture students, architects, educators, critics and other design professionals. We strive to create a more transparent threshold among designers by stimulating unconventional discourses in a comfortable and non-formal environment.


    Please visit for full downloadable pdfs. Email us at Like us on facebook!


    Current issues : 


    001 // Transition // Celena Lim + Lee Santos, Kemi Esho, John Epperly 



    002 // Adaptability // Andre Gharakhanian, Jesse Cabildo, Charlie Ghiotto 



    003 // Layer // Lisa Little, Emily White, Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter 


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  • 002 // Machinic Veils + The Problem of Poche

    Henry Cheung
    Dec 17, '11 9:47 PM EST

      I had the pleasure to take the A.I.R. Studio (Civic Conduits + Contested Terrain) co-taught by Jennifer Bonner + John Southern this semester. It was probably one of the best studios I have taken while I am here at Woodbury University.   The studio took place in Owens Lake... View full entry

  • 001 // The Threshold:Hive

    Henry Cheung
    Dec 27, '10 4:14 AM EST

    The Threshold:Hive was the final project of the Spaces within Spaces M.Arch 1 Design Studio led by Linda Taalman and Rebecca Rudolph, and Visualization: Techniques in Marking Seminar led by Kelly Bair. The final design assignment of the semester took the form of a collaborative student... View full entry

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