Susan Wu

Susan Wu

Brooklyn, NY, US


CMSV Dormitory

The College of Mount Saint Vincent is situated on a 70 acre campus of forested hills that overlook the magnificent Hudson River and the Palisades. Rich in natural landscapes and history, the campus should be a place that is architecturally engaging and inspiring. Yet, what the campus has is only sufficient.

My proposal seeks to revitalize the sense of place and community by addressing the three faces of the campus:

NATURE. Forests & Hills
HISTORY. Sisters of Charity
ACADEMIA. Students & Faculty

Campus life is mundane - incomparable to the vivacious winter whites, summer greens, spring blues, and autumn red that paint the campus from season to season. There is a clear division between the academic end of the campus facing the Hudson River on the West and the peaceful grotto park where the Sisters of Charity are situated on the East.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bronx, NY, US
My Role: Designer