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Wall Folding

In the history of Nogales, connection in this city was prosperous and never intermitted. However, with the construction of the wall on the border, usual and essential connection were cut off. Besides, in fact, the wall didn't stop illegal events as the constructors expect. Recently, Donald Trump's main campaign promise relaunches, so how to solve border issues peacefully and meanwhile to promote and recover the connection in Nogales becomes a hot topic all over the world.

In this project, I decide to fold the wall to generate a series of space on the border to satisfy different groups of people's demand. I try to generate spaces of three levels to fulfill different uses in this border-crossing building. Considering national sovereignty, this building belongs to both America and Mexico. 

The wall is no longer just a barrier. Conversely, the wall can be changed as a “bridge” to encourage people to return to original connection in all aspects. Good fences make good neighbors. As time goes by, I suppose current border problems can be solved.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Nogales, AZ, US