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Interactive Ceiling

In today's information age, computers and information technology are everywhere in people's daily lives, silently reshaping people's lifestyles, bringing reforms to many industries. As an industry closely related to society and life, architecture has always explored the possibility of combining with information technology.

However, the information age seems to have been delayed in the nature of architecture. I believe that the combination of architecture and information technology should not be a utopian fantasy of the future city or architecture, nor a computer-generated tool or form. 

The development of architecture is bound to be accompanied by rebellion against existing models.The development of modern architecture to the present, the rebellion of materials, forms and space is not the end result, people continue to explore how to break through the cage of their own construction. Light, dynamic information technology provides this opportunity. Therefore, it is not that architecture needs to combine information technology, but architecture has chosen information technology in the development of the times. Its light and immediate strain makes "light" and dynamic the future direction of architecture.

At this stage of architectural development and technical constraints, as well as the graduation design stage, what we are doing is an interactive exploration within a small space, not the entire building system.

Different from interactive art installations, the interactive space focuses on the interaction of elements related to the building (such as the users of the building, the interior of the building)

Environment), not just artistic effects.

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Status: School Project