Hangar 41

Hangar 41

Denver, CO


IN Motion Transit Retail Pavilion

Hangar 41 was invited to prepare designs for a prototypical pavilion that could be placed on or near mass transit stations providing commuters with coffee, snacks, magazines etc. As part of the design process we imagined a new rail station, bus transfer station and park and ride location. The design of the Transit Pavilion, bus shelters and station canopy are intended to represent architecture in motion through the development of dynamic forms inspired by transportation and movement. The pavilion appears to grow out of the surrounding plaza, strengthening the aspect of motion and adding an intimate level of connectivity between the structure and program, shelter and environment, user and program, place and time.  They are modular by design, allowing the structures to be fabricated off-site, quickly assembled, and easily duplicated at other sites. Solar thermal and photovoltaic panels are integrated into the design and allow the pavilion to produce its own electricity and hot water.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Denver, CO, US
My Role: Designed for Hangar 41 by Mark Raeburn (Principal), and Justin Feider