Hana Agic

Hana Agic

Sarajevo, BA


Basement Interior design

This is the proposal for a small basement room located in Brescia, Italy. The client wanted to make a multifunctional room that would be comfortable and livable throughout the whole year. Space consists of a relaxing, sitting area with a sofa and TV set, oriented around the fireplace that already existed, which I have redesigned. The sofa can be stretched out and turned into a sleeping bed for two persons.

Together with the TV set, I arranged shelves for the client’s books. This would be the first zone of the room meant for relaxing, reading, drinking tea by the fireplace, or watching TV. The second zone of the room is a bar table with wine shelves behind. My first idea was to propose a small kitchen combined with wine shelves to give the possibility to make a meal, but since the room don’t have water pipes in the space and the client didn’t want to build them right away, I proposed wine shelves with bar table, but I left enough space for potential mini kitchen in some future time. Part of these wine shelves can be used for glasses or some other dishes. Under the bar, there is also a possibility to make a little cupboard to store some dishes if needed.

The bar table is wide enough so that two people can have lunch on it. The third part of the room is the entrance, wardrobe and office desk. I covered the radiator next to the entrance doors with a white media pan perforated mask (it is possible to leave keys or some small stuff on it) and above there is a nice mirror and hooks for jackets or hats. Under the office desk, there is a small shoe cupboard, but you can also use it for some office stuff to put in it if it is more necessary. The desk is big enough for a PC, printer, small lamp, and glass with pens. Above the desk, there are small shelves for papers or books.

Next to the desk and garage doors, I predicted space for a small wardrobe for clothes. For the interior design I chose very bright pastel colors, furniture fabrics, and materials, as there is a lack of natural light in the room, so besides the illumination, colors are the additional factor that contributes to bringing more light into space. In the terms of lightning, there is ambient and main light (ceiling reflectors) in combination with the LED strips with the possibility to adjust. I chose the strength and color of the lights so that it looks like there is more daylight in the room.

This project proved to me that all kinds of spaces can be turned into beautiful and functional ones if you have enough inspiration and knowledge to play properly with light, colors, and design. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Brescia, IT
My Role: Interior designer