Haley Rose Allen

Haley Rose Allen

New Orleans, LA, US



Scene 1: Tennessee, rural farm, young girl. Time spent chasing frogs and pretending to be a wolf. Only child, hard-working parents. I was a reader and a dreamer. I made short abstract films about summer thunderstorms and my dog's fur. I made giant collages of clouds and tiny ant cities in the mud.

Scene 2: Knoxville, Tennessee. School of Architecture. I met my people. I found a profession to match my creative and analytic skill set. I worked for professors and with other students. I programmed 4-H Camps, and designed, designed, designed. I learned and grew and changed. I became a better, smarter person and a better, smarter student.

Scene 3: New Orleans, Louisiana. I learned how much I didn't know. I learned how to build buildings, build costumes, build communities. I found new ideas in the urban environment. I found tobacco smoke in jazz clubs, Mardi Gras parades, flooding cities, decaying streets. I found problems, with my city, with my world, but I also found mentors and networks and the resources to solve them. It's where I am now and what shapes me from here.


Holly Street Studio, Phoenix, AZ, Project Architect

At HSS, I provide all design documentation and services necessary to delivering successful, beautiful, and affordable projects for our clients. I work mainly in Revit, but am extremely efficient in the Adobe Suite. I also have familiarity with AutoCAD, Rhino, the Microsoft Suite, and have experience with various energy modeling platforms.

I'm very comfortable with hand drawing, physical modeling and sketching. My hobbies run creative and provide a great outlet and influence for my professional work. I primarily dabble in drawing, photography, writing, and ceramics.

Sep 2021 - current

VIA Design Studio, Miami, FL, Contracted Architect

I worked with VIA Design Studio as a remote contractor to assist in documentation of renovation projects on Miami Dade Community College's campuses. I coordinated the documentation of dozens of existing buildings in revit models and inventory databases.

Jun 2021 - Sep 2021

EskewDumezRipple, New Orleans, LA, US, Architect

While at EDR, I worked on both small and large commercial projects. I worked directly with clients and also institutional client groups. I led design teams of various sizes and was involved in all types of documentation necessary to progress building design. My project experience ranged from business development phases through post-occupancy surveys.

Jun 2014 - Feb 2021

Robert French, Knoxville, TN, US, Pre-Design Coordination Assistant

I developed a detailed and comprehensive edition of a programming addendum for UT’s newest Design-Build project: A 4-H Camp at Lone Oaks. My responsibilities include analyzing student work and consolidating the information into a complete programming document for the project.

Aug 2013 - Jun 2014

Brian Ambroziak, Knoxville, TN, US, Teaching Assistant; Visual Design Theory

My responsibilities as Teaching Assistant are to communicate with first-year students the fundamentals of design theory and introduce them to conceptual thinking. I and five other assistants lead discussions, provide one-on-one feedback, organize class activities, and occasional lectures. The purpose of the class is to study the artistic conscience in regard to the acts of building and drawing.

Jan 2014 - May 2014

John McRae and Joleen Daragh, Knoxville, TN, US, Research Assistant

During the Fall of 2013, I worked with John McRae and Joleen Darragh as well as three other students on the preliminary research for a new Grant Study at the University of Tennessee. The project is a three-year, interdisciplinary investigation into the well-being of small Appalachian communities. Ultimately the project will address this in the region through the use of preventative medical care and healthy physical environments. Our research focused on identifying challenges and the directions of potential solutions through Infrastructure, Social Interactions, and the physical Home.

Aug 2013 - Dec 2013

Robert French, Knoxville, TN, US, Exhibit Designer

I co-coordinated a group of three student designers to design, construct, and install an exhibit of University of Tennessee Design Build work at the AIA TN Conference on Architecture in Nashville, TN and subsequently at the Downtown Studio Gallery in Knoxville, TN. I primarily managed the overall design concept and process, the project budget, and graphic design.

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013


The University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Knoxville, TN, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2009 - May 2014

Aalto University, Otaniemi, FI, Summer Abroad: Architectural Studies

May 2012 - Aug 2012


EUReCA Undergraduate Research Competition, 1st Place

I won a first place prize for my research and studio project done during study abroad in Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 2012. The research was a study of Finnish culture through the lens of Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck's prolific career as a painter. The research culminated in the design of a chapel devoted to her work and the secular spirituality of the Finnish people.


Hnedak Bobo Travel Abroad Scholarship, 1st Place

I won the first place prize for my design project done during the Summer of 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.


Areas of Specialization