Robert Grooms

Robert Grooms

Alexandria, VA, US


An Institute for Material Research

The institute for material research this project aims to work simultaneously with three material possibilities: economy, experience, and art. Programmatically, it contains a goods workshop, a school of craft, and a residential artist studio. By merging all three into one single entity, this institute aims to demonstrate “a full potential of materials” and to advance a “new economic life.”

Wind is the bulk movement of air, a material that is often unseen but always felt. The Wind Wall attempts to make what is not visible, visible and to give form to the formless. The Wind Wall is filled with micro-turbines that generate energy with each revolution. The production of energy by
the micro-turbines becomes a process that is visible and experienced by all that inhabit the spaces within the wall. As the ‘shadow of the wind’ blows across the wall the production of energy by the turbines becomes a process that is poetic and visible relating wind as a material to its economic
possibilities, and its artistic potentials.

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Status: School Project
Location: Charlottesville, VA, US
My Role: Individual Project