Robert Grooms

Robert Grooms

Alexandria, VA, US


A Place to Live and Work

There are encouraging trends related to houses in this country. One is that people have started returning to cities. The suburbs are for both infrastructure and travel. They can’t offer the vitality and sense of community that urban settlement can. Another trend, that people are beginning to work at home instead of commuting. This invites new ways of thinking about dwelings and how it may be intergraded with work and creation.

Situated within the context of downtown Charlottesville Virginia, my project called for a house that integrated the privacy of living spaces with the public spectacle of glass blowing. I wanted to make the art of glass blowing visual to the public while still connecting the studio spaces to the living spaces within the house through the use of two kilns which becomes a center piece for the house visually and are very important to the work of a glass blower.

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Status: School Project
Location: Charlottesville VA
My Role: Individual Project