Graham Kelman

Graham Kelman

Brooklyn, NY, US


Office Excavate

Office_Excavate is an architectural installation that puts the emphasis on Wolf-Gordon’s extensive and beautiful collection of upholstery textiles while poetically deconstructing the formerly cubicle-driven office block and transforming it into an inviting and flexible space in which to work and interact.

The area features an 18 foot long, grotto-like banquette created by extracting asymmetrical forms from the “block”. The residual forms can be positioned as desktops, tables, and stools. Both the excavated seating and forms are upholstered in over 100 Wolf-Gordon textiles arrayed by color. Designed to accommodate a range of workplace functions, Office_Excavate will provide a welcoming space to stop for a chat, coffee break, email check, phone recharge or a serendipitous meeting.

“Office_Excavate suggests the dramatically different office environments that can be imagined for 21st century work, enabled by technology, and equally important, more flexible norms for individual and collective work,”

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Status: Built
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Installation Artist and Designer
Additional Credits: 2016, Neocon, Chicago
Courtesy of Wolf Gordon and karlssonwilker
Fabrication by The New Motor