Govinda DeCastro

Govinda DeCastro

Austin, TX, US


Eucalyptus Landscape Urbanism

The term “landscape urbanism” was the seed from which the class and project began. In the beginning, term was vaguely defined, but by the completion of the project it became clearer. We saw this concept being rooted to the idea of a continuous surface that can be made of earth, concrete or some other material.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement lends itself to this form of architecture, an approach that could be characterized as “guerilla style.” Placing a temporary installation in a public space was the perfect match for the people who were occupying public space. This concept of “space hacking” lends itself for the freedom to experiment with form, material investigation, and examination on how such a space adapts to its cultural context.

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Status: Built
Location: Berkeley, CA, US
Additional Credits: Oriana Cole, Jon Kershner, Michael Bergin, and Gabriela Aguirre