Glenn Munoz

Glenn Munoz

New York, NY, US


Incline - Miami Beach Transportation Hub

Miami beach transportation hub is located just east of the famous Lincoln Rd. mall. Project is intended to be an extension of the mall and allows user access to a transportation hub that connects them to a more user friendly transportation experience in the city of Miami Beach. The structure program unfold in both the West to East direction, along with the vertical progression inside the building. From the West the mall lends itself to be an extension of the mall with its height and program lending to its surrounding Lincoln rd context. Moving to the West direction the structure ramps up shifting its program to be more beach supportive as well as give a great sight view to the beach as a fitting end to Lincoln Rd Mall. In a similar manner the structure morphs from a busy transportation Hub on the ground floor into a lackadaisical leisure time park on the upper level of the structure. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
My Role: Concept, Visualization, 3D Modeling