Glenn Munoz

Glenn Munoz

New York, NY, US


Fluid Flow Architecture Instillation

The course explored the creation of music instruments and sonic installations as the prime tools to explore spatial strategies that incorporate the sensibility and constraints of sound. The pedagogy will focus on the configuration of three-dimensional sonic armatures based on fabrication strategies that incorporate sound and adaptation to the human body with direct physical implementation via 3D printing in various scales. The goal of the class is to test the potential of sonic architecture and to understand the scope of contemporary use of fabrication techniques oriented towards the implementation of sonic devices that create events and music performance; rehearsing scenarios of tectonic complexity and design refinement of architectural membranes.e. Looking at structural systems that use the flow of fluids, we drew our research and inspiration from the mangrove trees that are native to Florida. Mangroves root systems create a structure for the plant to sit stable in various levels of water while absorbing plenty nutrients from the soil below. These systems also create alien like ecosystems where local fish and wildlife navigate through . We created this music installation based on that experience, incorporating OWOW creative agency’s new unique midi controller called the Wob to create an interactive and playful structure that emits different sounds through its exploration.


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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
My Role: Concept Development, Modeling, Visualization
Additional Credits: Byron Munoz