Giuliana Fimmanò

Giuliana Fimmanò

Sydney, AU


oRtoGrafico | Hortocontest

oRtogRafico is a 0km garden where the issue of the minimum distance regards both the use of the products and the choice of the materials and elements which compose the design.

Adapting old furniture, the garden become domestic and using materials given by the surrounding functions new exchanges of products or new business relations can be started.

The modularity draws different situations following the inner path giving the chance of enlarging the garden or changing the drawing itself or taking everything off whenever required.

The easy-finding materials, the simple assembly and the modularity of the elements permits a complete personalization with a minimum cost and without the need of technicians.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Rome, IT
My Role: Concept Designer, Development Designer
Additional Credits: ON/officinenomadi; Chiara Tiberti; Genny Terzulli; Claudia Escalona