Giuliana Fimmanò

Giuliana Fimmanò

Sydney, AU



The project is insered into a bigger strategic plan for the municipality of San Bartolomé on Lanzarote island.

Here the predominantly agricultural past wants to be pushed into a contemporary lifestile for the increasing population.

The town has spread out and the envisaged facilities will enhance the area’s social life while at the same time maintaining a close relationship with the rural environment ensuring spatial permeability and continuity to the centre of San Bartolomé.

The focus of the plan is on the S-SE part of the strategic area where are located the public housing and the public green mixed-uses connection to the town centre.

Here the choice is to design an organic shape which embraces all the facilities for the everyday life of the increasing community.

The white masses’ dwellings are organized around a sort of contemporary impluvium which gives each unit a high level of comfort in terms of light/shadow, temperature, ventilation, umidity, noise, etc.

Outside the housing, the passengers can take one of the clear paths and follow it on different levels while it shows step by step a different ensamble of shelters, plants, seats, views and facilities on their way to the Town Hall.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: San Bartolomé, ES
My Role: Concept Designer, Development Designer