Geraghty Taylor

Geraghty Taylor

London, GB


Good Food Matters

Many of the decisions regarding the design have been governed by the need to create a truly inclusive scheme. Indeed the single storey plan despite the steep site, is driven largely by the need to provide good access within the teaching kitchen and it's supporting spaces. The use of grasscrete paving in the general growing areas, specialist growing beds seeks similarly to facilitate access across the site.

In response to the steep site ramp access into the building forms the primary access route, thus not marginalising disabled users to secondary entrances. Internally, adjustable worktops, specialist fittings and clear circulation routes facilitate disabled users. In short, disabled users have been key to the generation of the design as it stands from its very inception.
Other aspects such as colour contrast, material / texture changes at thresholds and security have all been considered.

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB