Garrett Reger

Garrett Reger

Pomona, CA, US



I am a Southern California native and am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree for Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona where I live with my wife, two cats and bullmastiff Magni. I am also double minoring in Irrigation Science and Regenerative studies. My classes and experience are typically involved with the notion of sustainability and water management.  I have become increasingly interested in infrastructure dealing with storm water. I am currently (independently) strengthening my skills with Revit in an effort to design a Combined Sewer Outflow Retention Facility and Community Center for the Gowanus by Design's Water_Works competition. This project utilizes green infrastructure that harnesses storm water runoff that integrates social involvement into an infrastructural identity.


Pacific Outdoor Living, Sun Valley, CA, US, Landscape Designer

Garrett is a professional landscape designer currently working predominately on residential projects. He designs with intent to build and therefore has a higher focus on the construction potential of his designs. With the increasing awareness of our very limited resource of rainwater in Southern California, Garrett has worked with his clients to help capture stormwater on site and to fill our depleted aquifers. Due to the drought, many homeowners are also starting to implement drought tolerant landscaping in an effort to save water. Garrett educates homeowners on the value of California native landscaping that not only saves water, but also provides precious habitat for native species of fauna all across California.

Mar 2014 - current

Amigos de los Rios, Altadena, CA, US, Associate Designer

Amigos de los Ríos (AMIGOS) is committed to protecting and restoring open space in the urban environment, and combating public health issues exacerbated by a lack of green infrastructure in East County Los Angeles.

Since AMIGOS was founded in 2003, we have specialized in the development and implementation of multi-purpose, state-of-the-art parks in park-deficient neighborhoods. Our parks are informed by community needs and local cultural heritage, and by the latest low-impact development (LID) landscape practices.

AMIGOS park projects use green infrastructure methodologies, such as on-site water filtration, bioswales, and low-water-use irrigation, as well as drought-tolerant and native-plant landscaping to conserve water, protect biodiversity and our natural resources.

Nov 2012 - current

Xeriphytic Landscape Solutions, Landscape Installation/Irrigation/Maintenance

Landscape installations focused heavily on native plant material. Low-volume irrigation installation. Maintenance of residential landscapes planted heavily with California native plants.

Nov 2011 - Nov 2012


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Bachelors, Landscape Architecture

Sep 2009 - Jun 2012

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