Kyle Scallan

Kyle Scallan

Houston, TX, US

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The One and the Collective

Hello, my name is Kyle, I am 35, and I am a graduate of the University of Houston where I am fluent in the language of adaptive reuse, 3D modeling, digital design, rendering, FF&E, and architectural programming. I am an expert level HVAC technician which has rooted my architectural skills with an MEP specialty. This allows me to find solutions to hiding or showcasing MEP with elegant solutions. One thing that can disrupt the illusion of a beautiful interior is allowing the occupant to see how it works, at the same time showcasing MEP can create its own beauty and unique experiential qualities.

Interior Architecture intrigues me. The scale varies from installations to large scale offices interiors. As a designer, I feel our lived experience has, largely, been geared toward everything except the human experience, in many cases. It is my opinion that whether we visit grocery stores, office buildings, doctors offices and hospitals, or even our homes, the human experience, as it pertains to the holistic or phenomenological, is an after thought. We are provided blank canvases to decorate. And while the goal is not to design every aspect, leaving no room for the user to expand/grow into the space, the goal should be to find a happy medium of phenomenology, adaptation, and function/purpose.

Some of my favorite designers include Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling Water was inspired; Frank Gehry with his undulating forms; the symmetry of Kahn; and the color palette of Barragan and the color/light play of Holl.

My main hobby is billiards. I have been playing with varying levels of interest my whole life but have become enthralled. The physics, geometry, logistics, problem solving, biomechanics, thermodynamics, etc. Make “pool” the ultimate game. For it to be done properly, the mind and body must be in sync. Unfortunately it’s been relegated to a “bar game”, but it seems to be gaining ground outside alcohol-related establishments. I believe that’s the only way it gains a larger following. It would be amazing to introduce it in schools when kids are in their formative years



Laura U Design Collective, Houston, TX, US, Architectural Design Intern

The job of architectural interns is to assist an architect with all aspects of architectural work. Duties and responsibilities include maintaining project files, conducting research on construction sites such as zoning laws and regulations, and preparing presentations for clients. Occasionally I am expected to create 3D models, but I do a quite a bit more drafting.

Adobe Suite
Microsoft Suite
(Learning Revit on my own)

Mar 2021 - current

Sunny Roads Fabrics and Interiors, Houston, TX, US, Design/Fabrics Intern

This was a short term internship that exposes students to the world of high-end fabrics and finishes. We assist in floor operations and help walk-in clients with their fabric needs that ranged from reupholster to custom designed furniture. I also assisted the lead fabricator and the interior designer with FF&E.

Sep 2020 - Nov 2020


University of Houston, Houston, TX, US, Bachelors, Interior Architecture

The program for the Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture degree is a four-year program focusing on the design of architectural interiors with particular focus on sustainability, materiality, color theory, lighting, and the social and cultural aspects of habitable space. We learn the art of adaptive reuse where we acquire the design skills needed to transform existing structures into a work of functional art that is research-based and tied to the location in its concept and execution. Every detail is designed and there for a reason.

Students undergo years of architectural history and structural engineering, as well. Projects allowed us to collaborate with other programs to create real world design solutions as students. To survive we had to be well-versed in computer aided drafting, 3D modeling, rendering, photoshop, illustration, photography, digital imaging, and so much more.

Aug 2017 - May 2021


AIA-Houston Studio Award, Honorable Mention


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