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Just out of curiosity...How do people like Nancy Holt, Robert Irwin, Turrell, etc...get these huge expensive projects built?  I understand projects on museum grounds...but what about those projects out in the desert?  Whos paying?  Whos land is it?  I tried to research this a bit, but no info. 

May 16, 14 1:12 pm

Lightning Field is amazing, but how the hell was it funded?  Who maintains it?  It clearly does not generate any income all the way out there...

May 16, 14 1:16 pm

The Shock of the New - Ep 8 - The Future That Was

Fast-forward to 47 minutes. While Robert Hughes doesn't come out and explicitly state how Lightning Field was funded, he does mention that it was tax-deductible, so...

You might enjoy the entire SHOCK OF THE NEW series, which is posted in its entirety on YouTube.

Other references that might answer your questions:

Probing the Earth: Contemporary Land Projects - I have a copy of this, I'll check it when I can.

Smithson and Serra: Beyond Modernism?

May 16, 14 3:38 pm

Thanks!  I'll check it out!

May 16, 14 4:34 pm

Check out the Dia Foundation. Lightning Field is one of their long-term projects.

May 16, 14 4:53 pm
boy in a well

Irwin plays the ponies.

May 17, 14 1:53 am

?  What do you mean^

May 17, 14 3:10 pm

Enormous foundations like Dia and Lannan, and the patronage of eccentric millionaires like Stanley Marsh, III.  In other words, they are funded just like Architecture.

May 17, 14 9:29 pm

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