If you had a day off to study anything...


...what would it be?

I'm still pretty new at my office (and recently back in the profession after several years away), and all the projects I'm on have come to a temporary halt. More work is coming soon, like next week, but meanwhile I've had a few days to kill. (Yes, I've asked around the office, and picked up some work here and there - there's plenty of work but not a lot at the "hand it off to someone to take care of" stage right now)

I've already reviewed some recent CD sets to see how things are done here, gotten familiar with our drafting standards and current projects, worked on improving my Sketchup abilities, looked up various unfamiliar terms and phrases I've been hearing around the office, etc - everything I can think of.

What would be a useful direction to go next? Review the local building codes? Dig into AutoCAD's more obscure features? Read up on materials and finishes? All of the above?

I have plenty of ideas, but would like to hear some other folks' thoughts - what would you do with a few free days?

May 9, 14 12:21 pm

Sketch details.  Look at stuff you like and try to figure out how they did it.  

May 9, 14 2:25 pm

clean stuff.  organize the library.

take an edx course in com-sci so you're prepared to jump ship once it sinks.

May 9, 14 2:45 pm


May 9, 14 7:28 pm

You'll need a lot longer than a day for that.

May 9, 14 9:04 pm


May 9, 14 9:28 pm

Start updating your resume. Seriously...

May 9, 14 9:29 pm

When I study independently I start with what I am interested in and then apply curiosity to expand from there. What are you interested in?

or, read a geotech report. good stuff.

May 10, 14 12:07 am

the ARE.... once you get your license you can study anything you want! ...otherwise you'll be stuck studying whatever you want while working for others forever....

May 12, 14 10:08 am

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