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I am trying to apply for my Part 2 in UK but I have few issues that I don't quite understand. I graduated from Malaysia with a Bachelor of Science (Architecture), RIBA Part 1 qualification. In order for me to apply to some of the university (Bartlett, Cardiff, Mackintosh, etc), is it necessary to take an exam to pass ARB recognition since I don't have ARB part 1? I am planning to only study in UK and have no intention of working in UK. Anyone have any experience with the exam? Is it difficult to pass the exam? Thanks. 

Apr 29, 14 9:49 pm

Hi @puterimeredith

If you haven't worked in the UK and have no plans to do so don't do the Part I exam - you will not pass without UK knowledge - experience.

There are UK schools that accept students with the right equivalent qualifications - usual 5 years BA/BS Arch + portfolio + interview without having their part 1.  Generally, if you pass a part 2, you should easily pass a part 1 - and our students submit the same work from their part 2 for the part 1 exam.  

Its up to the programmes - how they designed their course and prescription requirements. I know at the AA you must have the Part 1 to do the part 2 but most of the schools on your list it is not required [but it may be a requirement of the school].


Apr 30, 14 12:29 pm

Hi @TED,

Thanks for the reply! I did ask some of the universities such as Edinburgh and Cardiff, but they mention it in the requirement to have arb part 1. So well that worries me since I only have RIBA part 1. But other universities; oxford brookes, manchester and liverpool did not have these in their requirement so i guess that would be a better choice maybe? Cause it is quite risky to take the exam and fail and worst, end up not having my part2.  Since i also received offers from these uni, I really cant decide on which one. What do you think?

Apr 30, 14 12:42 pm

Hi @puterimeredith

If Edinburgh/Cardiff offered you a place and did not require you to have Part I - you're fine. It is their responsibility to review what you send them for the offer.   You might write to both and check.

Apr 30, 14 6:18 pm


this is May , am an architect graduated from fine arts architecture depArtment in Egypt, i have 7 years of experience in Dubai and egypt.. I can apply for ARB 2 but i have been told that i should apply for part 1 first.. But i tried to search ALOT about any useful advices about the exam and interview and i didnt find much.. 

So can you pleaseeeeeee share some useful tips with me?




Aug 6, 14 3:02 pm

Thanks in advance...

Aug 6, 14 3:03 pm
Architect with a suitcase

You can sit Part I, Part II and Part III in any order you choose. (A strange quirk in EU law allowed this.) Therefore you can pass Part II Diploma. and then sit ARB Part I externally if you want to practice in the UK/ Europe

Have you approached the education department at the RIBA? They might be able to clarify this.

You can also sit Part III in Dubai and Hong Kong.

Aug 29, 14 11:50 pm

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