Examples of Sectional Perspectives



Im looking to create a gallery of sectional perspectives. I'm wondering if any of you clever kids have any favorites or interesting examples? I'm teaching a 1st year archi drawing class and would like to create a big catalog of different techniques and styles. 

Also any interesting links to 'how to' guides would be greatly appreciated.



Apr 20, 14 5:11 pm
Apr 20, 14 5:31 pm

I really enjoy James Sterling's drawings for some reason but they are more like plan perspectives:



You should be able to find some good examples of sectional perspectives on either the Drawing Architecture or Architectural Review tumblrs.

I randomly stumbles across the GSAPP's drawing and representation class's photostream a little while ago, which has some really nice drawings.

Apr 20, 14 6:29 pm

^ Worm's-eye axonometric

Apr 20, 14 7:01 pm

atelier bow-wow

Apr 20, 14 11:23 pm

I forgot just how nice Rudolph's are...+1 for the Auburn graduate

Apr 21, 14 12:36 pm

Doesn't anybody use the Ching books anymore?  They are schoolbooks that show 'how' to do architectural delineation..

Apr 21, 14 1:25 pm

Oh... here's the book...

Apr 21, 14 1:28 pm

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