Hi everyone, I'm a student with one-year internship experience from Shanghai and have applied couple of grad school in the states last winter,the top notch schools rejected me and some gave me the offer like USC, IIT, PRATT and Northeastern U.I think my final destination will be NYC or LA. 

Now it comes to the deadline today and that means I MUST make my decision NOW.

Pratt: I really love NYC and may be want to find a job there after grad study, and pratt offered me 20k scholarship. But I'm really not in to the non-linear stuff, and the program that gave me the offer is MSAUD a pretty small and new program I'm not sure whether it is still good as the m.arch program.


USC: That's a big and good big U,and I still want a social life and do outside activities like join parties.And also it has greater connections in the Trojan family.And it is more diversified. But it is really expensive that the tuition of 1.5y could be a big burden for my parents, and also LA is not so good as NYC for architecture designer.

So if you guys can give some advices, I would be really appreciated.

Apr 14, 14 11:09 pm

crazythat go thou to pratt

Apr 14, 14 11:51 pm

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