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This will be my first summer break in college, and I am looking for a part time job during the break. Based on your experiences, what would you recommend me to do? Or, what will be helpful for my future path to be an architect? A carpenter, painter, masonry, metalworker, draftsman, or even a plumber? Any suggestion is welcome. Just imagine you are 19 years old now.

Apr 13, 14 11:46 pm

If I was 19 I wouldn't be going to architecture school. 

Apr 14, 14 12:48 am

I'm in the same boat as you.  I'm an arch. engineering student and right now I'm looking into unpaid internships at architecture and civil engineering firms near my home.  But since you and I are only 19 and lack knowledge and experience, obtaining such an internship is not terribly likely (unless you have some serious connections).  Even if you get the job I wouldn't expect do be doing much beyond making copies and fetching coffee.  But it would still be a more valuable experience than working at a grocery store and reading and drawing on your own in your spare time (my current alternative to an internship).

Apr 14, 14 10:32 am

Well, if the previous super insightful comment didn't help you out I'll give it a shot.

Getting an internship in a firm (architecture, interior design, with a GC) will be very difficult with little experience. However, when you're in this position it really helps to go to offices door to door with your CV, references, and portfolio just in case someone has time to look at it with you. This will help you stand out. 

If the jobs you mentioned don't pan out, get a retail job at a place that you will be able to tie into architecture when you're interviewing for future jobs. Stores that have housewares departments and where you'll be out on the floor assisting people are good places to consider. Or even a Home Depot or something. These jobs are easy and will give you time to a) enjoy the summer and b) work on a competition to beef up your folio.

Apr 14, 14 10:40 am

 @ Miles     WHY? 

Apr 14, 14 12:51 pm

Because architecture have ruin his life

Apr 14, 14 10:24 pm

@ Quan   All right..then

Apr 15, 14 12:08 am

Close your eyes and jump in. What you don't know can't possibly hurt you. 

Apr 15, 14 12:23 am

Cut grass on your own or work for a landscape company. Do grunt construction work. Bartend. Be a camp counselor. Be a lifeguard. Get out of the classroom/cube/institution rat race for once in your life.

Apr 15, 14 7:07 am

Do framing for a homebuilder or carpentry.  Or, try to get an internship (which might make it easier to get a job when you are out).  I honestly regret not having as much hands on construction experience.  Design-build is the way of the future.

Apr 15, 14 4:47 pm

Work part time and spend all of your money building something, whether it is furniture, a small shade structure, a shed or other building, etc... 

Find someone with some land and build a 10' x 10' rammed-earth cabin. 


... spend all summer filling out applications to petroleum or chemical engineering programs.

Apr 15, 14 4:47 pm

if you're in the mood, you can always volunteer at Habitat For Humanity. (even if it is on the weekends)

Construction experience is always welcomed at architecture firms

Apr 15, 14 6:33 pm

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