stamp drawings for unlicensed contractor?


Should I stamp drawings for an unlicensed contractor that he drew on the back of a napkin?

The project is a high rise medical facility and surgical center.

He is on the the contractor's most wanted list

but other than that he seems like a reputable guy.  Most of his subs come local home depot parking lot or the San Quentin exit gate.  

He wants full construction services, including approval all change orders and sitting on RFI's till they are irrelevant.  

I have health (obama care) and auto insurance and a DSL connection at my studio apartment which also functions as my board room.  It is obvious that I have no problem handling a job of this scale and complexity.  

I need to take my ARE exams, can I get this contractor to reimburse me for the cost?  How much should I charge, I am thinking $400 total.  Is that fair?  He said he could get it on craigslist for $500, so I have to be competitive.  

Thanks archinect. 

Apr 10, 14 6:32 pm
I will do it for $356. No questions asked.
Apr 10, 14 8:36 pm

Is it just me, or do these two exemplary citizens look like the same guy?

Apr 10, 14 9:25 pm


Apr 10, 14 10:54 pm

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