Choosing an undergrad BArch - Help!


I am a high school student wishing to pursue architecture. I am looking at different colleges right now, and I need help with choosing and comparing the stats..

My reach schools will most likely be Cornell, Rice, and USC. My target schools will be UT Austin, Pratt, Cal Poly. My safety will be SCI Arch and CUNY, but I will add more to the list.

I have researched thoroughly the entering/accepted students' stats and the acceptance rates, etc. but am not completely sure if I will be able to get in.

Can those of you who go to/were accepted to Rice, Cornell, UT Austin, Cal Poly please share your stats? My SAT is CR 650 and MA 750. I am preparing a portfolio and my GPA is 3.9 or 4.0.

Also, suggest some other good architecture schools for me? I am searching for ones in liberal colleges, not particularly only art or architecture.


Thank you

Apr 10, 14 5:29 pm

Hi, I am went to NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego for BArch, and am going to Cornell for MArch 2; granted getting into masters programs are much different than undergraduate.

Each of these schools have quite different philosophy's in terms of design interests, I did not do this but I would highly recommend a summer program at almost any architecture school that offers it.  Don't be scared of schools like Harvard and other schools that offer summer intro courses.  See if you really like it and what it is about.  It will help your portfolio tremendously and will help get into schools afterwards.

Apr 17, 14 7:21 pm

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