Ingenious way to help build community!


Here is an ingenious way to help build community!  It costs nothing!   It requires no policy change!  It requires no construction documents!

here it is...

wave to your neighbors!

I'm shocked at how unfriendly some people are.  Just moved into a new area and its like pulling teeth to get a neighbor to wave back.  I just keep waving and waving and waiving and I won't stop.  Just be friendly.  People are so weird.  I don't get it.  We can't restore community if the inhabitants can't even muster up the will to say hello to their neighbors.  We can build and build and build, but ultimately we need to figure out how to live.  How to exist and coexist.  Has anyone else noticed this or do I just look threatening?  

Apr 5, 14 1:27 pm

Even better is a genuine smile, one that includes your eyes. And a 'good morning' or 'hello' to strangers. It's got to be genuine though - nothing worse than a fake smile.

It's a NY thing. Within commuting distance everyone has their war face on. I think a large part of it is fear. Outside of say a 150 mile radius behavior becomes considerably more friendly.

Apr 5, 14 2:50 pm
It can be kinda a game: how long before person X recognizes that you are trying to be friendly and finally returns a greeting. For me, I've had it take several years :/
Apr 5, 14 3:48 pm

I've had it take months. Years is a long time, but the return on the investment must be incredible.

Apr 5, 14 5:43 pm

Oh, welcome to NJ!

Apr 5, 14 6:23 pm

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