Charging for Freelance Work in Shanghai China


Can anyone give me a range of what other freelance designers charge per hour in Shanghai. An acquaintance has asked me to help with just the design of his store. He has asked me to give him a sense of how much I would charge for the entire project. I am not sure whether 20,000 or 50,000 RMB is in the right price range. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks 

Mar 29, 14 10:22 am
What is the duration of the project? How demanding will it be? Will this be your only project? Do you work elsewhere while you would be freelancing on this project?
Mar 29, 14 12:07 pm


I currently work full time at a retail design firm.

The duration of the freelance project is 2 weeks.

The store is only about 60 square meters.


Mar 29, 14 11:21 pm

I've heard a good rule of thumb is a firm typically bills the client 3x what they pay you hourly so if you did some math you could get your hourly billing rate.

Having also worked in China it was not uncommon to hire people for last minute junior level photoshopping / modeling for 1000rmb a day upwards.  I assume working full time you won't be putting in an all days work every day for two weeks so i'd try and work out a reasonable hourly rate you feel comfortable with.  keep in mind decent english tutors easily make 200/ dont sell yourself short and I assume they will bargain hard.

Apr 1, 14 1:45 am

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