The Worst Architecture Firm Website... EVER!!!

Architectonics Studio

(St. Petersburg, FL)

i particularly like the music... and be sure to check out the president's poodle hair mullet under "about us"...

post your own gems below!

Mar 5, 10 9:36 am

You know, it's always easier to criticize and I try to find something redeeming in everything..

But my god. HTML/Flash vomit. Purple and piss yellow complement each other well, apparently. I've also noticed that well-established starchitect's websites are pretty disappointing.

Renzo Piano:
- most websites have navigation -- not for Renzo.

Zaha Hadid:
- particularly offensive in its WTF factor.

Mar 5, 10 9:56 am


Not sure what you mean by Renzo not having navigation.

I see two pull down menus (RPBW and Projects) at the top of the page with all the usual info. And the selected projects section is pretty nice: you can even compile and download a PDF file of projects of your choice. I don't think I've seen that feature on other sites.

Agree that Zaha's site is pretty bad.

Mar 5, 10 10:06 am

architphil, I believe that Florida firms are known for their oddball websites.,, which may be alright, since there is no work to be had in that state anyway.

Mar 5, 10 10:31 am
won and done williams

renzo's is fine.

zaha's is a train wreck. the intro screen - heeelarious.

while i doubt it was intentional, architectonics's at least has character. i sort felt like i was visiting a character from an elmore leonard novel.

and who can forget our friend, thomas bollay?

Mar 5, 10 10:38 am

and what about

Good old Dick and Busch?

Mar 5, 10 12:24 pm
Cherith Cutestory
warning:may induce seizures
Mar 5, 10 12:42 pm

Architectonics Studio (St. Petersburg, FL)


Mar 5, 10 12:52 pm

JPA's website is fabulously BOSS.

Mar 5, 10 1:07 pm

i love winka dubbeldam (funnily enough, another architectonics), but the intro to her website is another seizure inducing instance of flashing flash stuff...

Mar 5, 10 1:53 pm

(Unrelated: the Marc Jacobs site is always hilariously seizure inducing as well.

But my god... that website is awful. Not even on purpose awful.

Mar 5, 10 2:12 pm

lol... dick busch's logo omg

hey they're hiring!

Mar 5, 10 2:12 pm

Re: Architectonics I know why Florida's economy is in the toilet.

Love the music though...I have it looping in the background right sultry. LOLOLOLOL

Mar 5, 10 3:57 pm

Dick and Busch? You have GOT to be kidding me...AHHHH!

Mar 5, 10 4:00 pm

Re: warning:may induce seizures: Oh my GOD! Just when I thought nothing could top the Dick website. Make it stop guys! My sides hurts from laughing so hard!

Mar 5, 10 4:03 pm

Make it stop Make it stop!!!

Re: winka dubbeldam website...made me think of Willy Wonka

Mar 5, 10 4:05 pm

...and I used to actually Wonder why no one is hiring architects these days...Okay I am done laughing now...that was great.

Mar 5, 10 4:07 pm

Now I'm starting to cry.

Mar 5, 10 4:08 pm


Mar 5, 10 4:23 pm

i have seen the future and it isn't pretty

Mar 5, 10 4:29 pm

Doesn't the name "Liborio Derario, RA (of Archifuture)" sound like he should be an OB/GYN?

Mar 5, 10 4:32 pm
Mar 5, 10 5:39 pm

that is so funny that dick/busch is hiring. I like that they make "timeless designs for today's lifestyles."

JPA's website is amazing. Load it with ace of bass playing really loudly in the background. You won't regret it (or maybe you will).

Mar 5, 10 5:53 pm
Cherith Cutestory

Dear www.archifuture.com_

I know what a residential project is, but what is a residentials project? Is that like more than one residence? Is this similar to how against all reason and logic you are able to maintain more than one office?

I don't really blame your mistakes in grammar, spelling and diction. If I had set a body of type as poorly as the graphic designer of your website did, I would probably make just as many mistakes as you did. Who can be expected to make coherent sentences when you could sail the Titanic through the rivers between each word. I'm sure one of the New Jersey housewives you designed a McMansion for probably knows someone in the web design business that could help you out.



Mar 5, 10 6:26 pm

That's some sexin' music...

Mar 5, 10 6:43 pm

I stumbled across this gem of a website. I, personally, don't get it.

Mar 5, 10 8:09 pm

I'm going to hell for this, but I just couldn't resist...

Mar 5, 10 8:38 pm

i just revisited architectonics studio's website to show my wife... i discovered that there is actually a selection of 5-6 different songs... you gotta check all of them out... classy!

Mar 5, 10 8:41 pm
won and done williams

i must admit i've visited architectonics' site probably 5-6 times today to get my fix of that music. it reminds me of the really good presets that you would find on a casio keyboard.

Mar 5, 10 8:45 pm

Damn they should give an epilepsy warning at the JPA site!

Mar 5, 10 8:57 pm
Cal Ripken, Jr

architecture and dentistry in chicago.

Mar 5, 10 11:27 pm
liberty bell

OK, I don't like to participate here, as I feel guilty making fun of people....but my comment isn't making fun, really, I mean, it's a compliment: that music on the architectonic site is great to play in the background while working - it's exactly like you said, jafidler, like presets on a keyboard, really groovy presets!

I'm still convinced that Dick Busch Architects is an elaborate hoax, and whoever is perpetuating it laughs and laughs every time we all fall for it.

Mar 6, 10 12:04 am

On a more positive note, Rafael Vinoly's completely revamped website is the most mesmerizing I've been to recently. I'd say it's a perfect balance of design-y elegance and mass appeal for potential clients. Say goodbye to the next 10 minutes of your life.
(tip: have the Architectonics website open for the soundtrack)

p.s. somebody identify that pen he is using.

Mar 6, 10 2:07 am

the hands of God hold this architecture above all others...
too bad he got rid of the mae west quotes from older version of the website.

Mar 6, 10 3:42 pm
Cherith Cutestory

^ I like how each type of hospital is it's own drop down. For a second I was wondering how "womens" was a building typology.

Mar 6, 10 3:59 pm
I'm still convinced that Dick Busch Architects is an elaborate hoax, and whoever is perpetuating it laughs and laughs every time we all fall for it.

i think so too, though 'richard charles busch' is a licensed architect in missouri and at the dick busch address.

mizzou licensee search

oh man

Mar 6, 10 4:12 pm

archtiphil...based on that music selection you found, YOU ARE GETTING IT ON TONIGHT!!!

Mar 6, 10 4:23 pm

lol zaha...

Mar 6, 10 8:39 pm
sam goods

What ever happened to the Phillip K. Nixon site?

Mar 7, 10 10:05 am

warning; the music may get stuck in your head

Mar 7, 10 12:35 pm

I don't think dick busch is a hoax... I think they're just GENIUSES! It's a BRILLIANT marketing strategy that gets them talked about as much as Zaha Hadid...!?

See, it's an ingenious marketing scheme... They play dumb about their loaded firm name etc. and subtlely feed their clients a little bit of a joke at their own expense, and in the meanwhile, get noticed enough to attract clientelle who are in the market for a particular kind of architecture... Then, when their clients go back to their cocktail parties and what not, they tell all their friends about their architect, called "dick busch" and pretty soon like a viral video the thing gets 5,000,000 hits from similar clientelle! It's pure genius! lol....


Mar 7, 10 1:05 pm

Dick Busch is real and bRink is absolutely correct! I live in Missouri and his name is somewhat legendary (not in a good way though).

Mar 7, 10 1:32 pm

screw it - i'm movin' to misssouri and settin' up ROD BEAVER ARCHITECTS i will make millions with my timeless designs

Mar 7, 10 2:48 pm

What is with Florida firms and terrible muzak?

Mar 7, 10 4:04 pm

so this one is not architectural, but I couldn't help it. I immediately thought of this thread when I saw it.

WARNING: this site may cause eyeball hemorrhaging: link

stumbled across while reading an article about the Global Ghettotech music genre..which might be the coolest name for a musical genre ever

Mar 11, 10 5:14 pm

Fuck yeah!

The whole "electro" movement is pretty interesting culturally. I hope it survives long enough to influence society in other ways.

Although, I'm not sure who dayglo colors and gold lame will translate out.

Mar 11, 10 6:29 pm


how do you define 'navigation' when stated

'Renzo Piano:
- most websites have navigation -- not for Renzo.'


i think you should definitely have a close scrutiny on rpbw's site.

Mar 11, 10 9:47 pm


Florida Design Architects website can't be that bad, or else a firm in Chicago wouldn't have copied it! (or vise versa)

I knew that thing looked familiar.

Mar 12, 10 11:02 am

the wichita-based firm formerly known as MVP architects. enjoy.

Mar 12, 10 3:19 pm
liberty bell

Wow, Mr. Blue SKy, that's just weird. I wonder if that image is a stock photo, as neither of their websites seem to show a project that the image would be from?

Mar 12, 10 3:22 pm

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