The Worst Architecture Firm Website... EVER!!!

Cherith Cutestory

I don't really think the GLMV (formerly MVP) website is really all that bad- it's clean and easy to navigate and doesn't use a hideous color palate or tacky images like so many of the websites already mentioned on this thread. It's nothing special, but it's a far cry from being the worst.

I'm glad they merged with another office so they were no longer MVP architects though. Sometimes that whole last initial law office naming tactic just doesn't work. I've seen more than one BLT Architects.

Mar 12, 10 4:06 pm
Cherith Cutestory

For a company that has 15 locations in 6 different states, I've always found Huitt-Zollars to be a little lackluster, namely because all the project photos look like they were taken with a cell-phone circa 2002.

Mar 12, 10 4:10 pm

Here's one for you - - a new media carousel

Mar 22, 10 11:36 pm
Cherith Cutestory


Mar 22, 10 11:49 pm
User #23

is the professional website for the guy who teaches all the cad/rendering classes and maintains the website for our college. Needless to say, I decided to teach myself. Luckily he isn't allowed to teach design studios anymore.

Somebody please fire this guy. It's embarrassing.

Mar 23, 10 12:25 am

^thisismyname, I worked for a guy that went to OU...couldn't design his way out of a wet paper bag

Mar 23, 10 1:16 am

I like his image for 'Web Maintenance". Real man of genius I'd say.

Mar 23, 10 6:37 am

An email was sent out to recent grads at my school advertising this place. I'm not sure if the website or the central image is more offensive.

Mar 23, 10 10:58 am

On the COMPLETE opposite end of the spectrum, here's BIG's website. Fantastic. Could be the most creative site I've ever seen:

Mar 26, 10 1:50 am

i love the old school monitors in zaha's studio

Mar 26, 10 3:17 pm

So this is a site for a dutch graphic/web designer. Call me back when you've found the battery. Or the tools. Say goodbye to the next hour of your life.

Mar 27, 10 9:50 am

Very, very fun Podzilla. The swinging T-Rex swings so beautifully. My son and I just spent ten minutes playing with him!Oh, and tactilegoods - agree on that bizarre center image.

Mar 27, 10 11:21 am
le bossman

when i hear that architectonic's music, all i can think of is

uh....uh....uh...uh...uh...UH..UH..UH! UH! UH!

Mar 29, 10 7:38 pm
Distant Unicorn

I found the battery and the tools, pod.

Mar 29, 10 8:04 pm

Has anybody been using CMS stuff for doing architecture websites?

Kinda bloggish, but simple.


Style seems to work well with doing lots of images (portfolio). Any clever examples?

Mar 31, 10 9:44 pm

Check out the leadership section.

Apr 4, 13 12:37 pm

I love this website - it looks like it would be a nice, unpretentious place to work. Thanks Philip Crosby for pointing out that you can actually select the music you listen to.. 

If the internet as we know it today existed at the dawn of the 1980's. it would look like this!

Apr 4, 13 12:53 pm

OMG thank you for reviving this thread.  I really needed a laugh today.  And coincidentally I was thinking of Dick Busch yesterday and how we haven't seen his name and brilliant logo around here lately!

Apr 4, 13 12:58 pm

Awww, I think I just fell in love mit Mr. Dinkoff and his barstool.

Thanks for that gem, Alexander.

Apr 4, 13 1:26 pm

Thomas Bollay Architects, Inc.

Props for him grabbing the domain in the early 90s but he hasn't updated it since then. 

Apr 4, 13 1:40 pm

Oh my gawd... The "Recent Articles" Sunset Magazine link says "100" in the corner... you can see it if you download the image and zoom in..

Going to the Wiki, the magazine was founded in 1898... so 100 years later is.. 1998!

Bizarre when this happens - when a prominent domain name is owned by someone who really isn't doing anything with it.


Can the AIA declare Eminent Domain on the domain name and take it back?


Apr 4, 13 2:22 pm

Not the worst, but sooooooo disappointing.

Apr 4, 13 6:33 pm
Reuben Alt

I'm a fan of this one...

Make sure your speakers are on,

Apr 4, 13 7:46 pm

honestly, there seems to be two groups.. Those who get projects and build real architecture regardless of what they may look like, their website looks like or how they promote themselves, and then there are those with fancy images, try to look cool and think of themselves sitting on a pedestal but has never built shit and likely won't

Apr 4, 13 9:47 pm

i think a real architect could do better than aai-dayton.  i could do better than aai-dayton and i work on real stuff.  architectonics studio does not need porn music on their webpage.  that's easy to fix, just get rid of it.  clients do not look them up to hear porn  music.  also, dick busch could have said 'i know i got made fun of a lot for my name.  this logo is only going to make it worse.'

anyway, third group of real people that went ahead and invested in a web designer.  can't cost more than a couple autodesk subscriptions.

Apr 5, 13 7:49 am

It's in Dutch, but hey, the website speaks for itself.

Apr 5, 13 9:32 am

AAI-Dayton was on my co-op list during undergrad. Pretty sure no one applied due to the awful website. 

Apr 5, 13 10:24 am

Apr 5, 13 2:41 pm

I like the websites where all of the work shown are huge projects, and below the photographs it says (in small grey letters) "Project completed while at XYZ Architects" ...

and the the only project that they take credit for is a shelving unit in a living room....

Apr 9, 13 8:10 am

Regarding the OP, that IS bad.  The logo is tacky.  So is the music.   It makes one think "pole dancer."  The thing is that, now, with websites, a person can essentially "interview" with a firm before even interviewing.  Not so prior to 1995-ish.

Another website that got me featured the use of the word "deputy" in job titles for this large A/E firm.  I think of a bureaucrat and almost cringe when I hear that word.  It would indicate another firm I wouldn't want to work for.

A picture is indeed worth 1,000 words.

Apr 9, 13 3:09 pm

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